Everything in the past has life 《过去的一切都有生命》

In a culture that prizes male children to carry on the family name, many Chinese families under the One-Child Policy concealed having additional children. LGBTQIA+ artist and filmmaker Zhongkai Li was born in 1993, when China's family planning policies had been in force for nearly two decades. As the third child and only son to his family, he relates a story of his upbringing. Shortly before he left for college, his mother told him the secret story of his birth. Li asks how his family's life could have been different, and wonders how his fate and queer identity may yet be intertwined with his mother.

他讲述了自己成长的故事。 在他上大学前不久,他的母亲告诉他了他出生的秘密故事。 他问他的家庭生活可能会有什么不同,并想知道他的命运如何与母亲交织在一起。

Single-channel video, duration: 00:13:00, 2019