Gazing I 《凝视-1》

In Gazing, an interactive five-channel video positions viewers in a world where “the gaze” asserts authority. In this space, viewers experience the power that often comes hand-in-hand with voyeurism. In order to experience this piece, web camera access must be enabled when prompted.

在《凝视 I》中,互动式五屏视频将观众定位在“凝视”主张权威的世界中。在这个空间中,观众会体验到偷窥狂常常与之并驾齐驱的力量。为了体验这件作品,必须在出现提示时启用网络摄像头访问。

Gazing is an ongoing artist program, Gazing II is currently under construction.


Web-based five-channel video, blueprint, 2019


Press 评论

Response To Gazing” by Alexis Angelus, Digital America