Moving But Not Removing
Concrete Typography Workshop:
Moving but not Removing

We see motion graphics on the screen nowadays. Do you ever wonder if the software applications we use to create motion graphics might be leading us all to similar working methods and trends, and shaping the final result? How can we avoid letting the technology usurp your ideas, and make it listen to you?

In this workshop, we will explore language itself in a performative way, using visual, verbal, and sonic experiments. We will discuss how to maintain materiality behind the scenes, as well as how to translate language to a time-based media through your methodology.

Choose a sentence from a poem, article, thesis, novel, etc. For each letter in the sentence, choose two different typeface/color combinations for that letter and print on a single piece of letter size paper, containing the two versions of that one letter, each character’s size blown up to fit about half the page. We will be

reading your sentence,
cutting up the paper,
pasting letters,
replace them,
collaging them,
exchange them,
and re-reading them in the class.

Finally, you will translate your collages into motion graphics.

• Concrete Typography Workshop (part ⅓)
In the classroom, students will re-contextualize the collected "language" through workshops. The new form of text will be based on time, color, font, order, and arrangement to perform language "choreography", and break the conventional traditional typesetting mode through oral and pronunciation tests.

• Concrete Typography Workshop (part ⅔)
Guest critic presentation in class, and discussion of student's work progress.

• Concrete Typography Workshop (part 3/3)
In-class critique of projects with the presentation of workshop results.
Workshop co-leader Hicham Faraj gave a presentation to the class
· The world as painting surface by Paul Elliman
· Exploring the concrete labyrinth by Willard Bohn

· Boooook: The Life and Work of Bob Cobbing
· Alphabet of fishes

PDF guides will be provided
Scissor, paper, glue stick

The collage and audio was done by Destiny Kim in the first workshop.
Invisible to Visible
Destiny Kim, 2020

The collage and audio was done by Natasha Tolia in the first workshop.
‍Natasha Tolia, 2020
More images of the workshop
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