Digital Visual Diary
Digital visual diary

Compared to traditional media, the development of social media-enabling technologies expanded the ways we can present information. As an artist/ designer/author/curator/activist, etc., how do you speak to your audience in digital space? How do you (re-)define/identify your role in the scrolling era? What are some different ways of displaying motion work in a digital space? What are some unique forms of combining interactivity and motion graphics?

Decide what you want to say, then create a new Instagram or Twitter account and post one video/GIF per week. Focus on one subject matter. Think about your language, duration, composition, sound (if applicable). And don't click the advertising! Let the algorithm and big data listen to you, not them.


Series of an animation about symbolic apples used in mythology and fairy tales

Designer: Habin Cheong
84.63 million metric tons of apples are eaten every day. This common fruit is not only one of the most cultivated and consumed in the world, it is also a ubiquitous symbol. In Christianity the apple is the emblem of temptation and forbidden knowledge, in Norse legend it represents immortality, and in Greek mythology, a golden apple is the catalyst of a dispute among Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite that eventually leads to the Trojan War. In the 20th century we see the apple recast as a totem of surrealism in the work of Magritte, and, for reasons no one quite understands, sportswriters and Jazz musicians popularized the phrase "The Big Apple" to describe New York City. In this project, I illustrate all these ideas through the medium of the animated gif. I honor the diverse interpretations of a humble fruit by collecting and sharing these stories online.

Juriel Furukawa
Hello! Nice to meet you. Here is a weekly etiquette and occasional how to’s🧚♂️ let’s not forget our common courtesy and respect towards others ✨

More Work

@Visualizations Of Scent

This is a collection of weekly journals on olfactory senses in multimedia visual forms.

Destine Kim, 2020

A typographic motion video that represents each neighbor of NYC in different styles.

Hyunji Jo, 2020
@start from the bottom

An Instagram account posting stories that start from the bottom. The viewer can keep up with the story through scrolling up to the next frame.

Jacquelyn Wu, 2020


Short animations visualizing common idioms/ phrases/ proverbs — no captions or words, in an effort to communicate the quirks of language entirely visually (a picture’s worth a thousand words!!)

Natasha Tolia, 2020

Memes are a way of marketing and attracting a younger audience. I enjoy scrolling through them on a daily basis. Thus, my visual diary focuses on reflecting the current meme and Tik Tok trends in a way that it mocks the culture but at the same time aims to entertain the users.

Suditi Shah, 2020

Description: A series of animated illustrations depicting superstitions from around the world.

Tarra Boroumandi, 2020
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