Sound Imagination Workshop:
Notation & Object

Notation is a way of making people move...

Workshop Leaders:
Zhongkai Li + Nir Bitton

• Find at least 15 objects, which you would use as notation, and make sounds for each of them without using the object itself.

• Bring some of the original objects to the Zoom meeting to share with your classmates.

• Afterward, you will be asked to digitize (in any way you wish) those objects.

• In the end, translate these digitized objects and their corresponding sounds to animation.

• We will compile the sounds into an album.

Cornelious Cardew
(from “Treatise: Working Notes”)

A composer who hears sounds will try to find a notation for sounds. One who has ideas will find one thatexpresses his ideas, leaving their interpretation free, in confidence that his ideas have been accuratelyand concisely notated.

Notation is a way of making people move…

Interpreter! Remember that no meaning is as yet attached to the symbols. They are however to beinterpreted in the context of their role in the whole...

Treatise. There is a great difference between: a) doing anything you like and at the same time readingthe notations, and b) reading the notations and trying to translate them into action…

...The notation is more important than the sound. Not the exactitude and success with which a notationnotates a sound; but the musicalness of the notation in its notating.

Herbert Brün

It is one thing to search for events that will produce the sound one wants and quite another to discover the sound of the events one wants. In the first case, the wanted sound renders desirable the necessary events; in the second the wanted events are the standard for the desirability of the resulting sound. These are not only two different approaches to the composition of music, but also two different political attitudes.
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