Sound, Space, Motion
Sound, space, motion

Pay attention to your environment, and find a piece of sound around some place that triggered you, interested you, annoyed you, excited you, upset you. Then you should make a 1-2 minute audio recording of that sound and bring it to the workshop. We will translate sounds by drawing, doodling, and sketching. In the end, each student will be asked to exchange your drawings and translate the drawing to a motion graphic video.

• Sound, Space, Motion (part ⅓)
In class, you will share your collected audio recordings and draw the recordings.
Homework: animate the drawings.

• Sound, Space, Motion (part ⅔)
Bring your animation to the class, and we will review what you have. Homework: refine your animations.

• Sound, Space, Motion (part 3)
In-class critique of final animations
Play the audio from the laundry machine from different places
(Coming soon)
Students gallery
The students all exchanged drawings with each other. You can drag all those drawings by moving your mouse, and make your own story.
Geng Feng
Digital Drawing, sound, animation,
Geng's sound material comes from a motorcycle shop. He often meets with friends in the store. When he heard a friend's guitar playing, he was surprised and impulsive, then decided to record the sound for the project. The collected music is intertwined with his graphic motion animation, creating a strong passionate emotion.
Habin Cheong
Digital Drawing, sound, animation,
Habin spent a lot of time in her kitchen and recorded many sounds in different scenes, including the sound of her cooking in the kitchen. She collaged these sounds and transformed them into simple and smooth line animations.
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