Web-based Moving Images
Web-based Moving Images

You will be asked to make a web-based looping GIF/animation. If you don’t know how to make web-based animations, a mocked-up video is acceptable. You will need to provide three different sizes of the video to show how the video looks like online when the user resizes it. Think about the user experience, responsive design, interaction, color, space.
This is an all semester project, there is no deadline and you will need to present it in the final class.

Students’ Work

Habin Cheong
To show colors with indescribable 3D graphics, Habin studied the relationship between colors, graphics and language. This idea was displayed on her web-based interactive project.
Sounds of
Tarra Boroumandi
Destine Kim
I like to go for a walk to the Han River when the sun goes down.

I’m fond of going on a night stroll because I like to walk on the empty streets./ Well, it’s hard for me to sleep well at night anyway.

Walking to the bridge and standing in the middle of it.

Cars are speeding up to pass the bridge and the bridge shakes a little.

But I like this light thrill that makes me feel alive.
As I feel this vibration from my toes,

I’m watching how the wind warps the surface of the water.

It somehow makes me sad but I feel relieved at the same time.
Fresh night air touches my cheeks and hands

As I bike by the river through the trees

I’m finally able to breathe.

I almost burst into tears because I feel overwhelmed

By the beauty of the trees and night sky

That I could see anywhere I stopped.

This may be enough.
This is enough.
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