I am interested in connecting design, people, and narratives through cross-cultural visual communication. 


As a DesignerArt Direction, Branding, Visual Identity, Publication, Interaction

58th Carnegie International



ORBi.t Magazine 02


Aranya Poster Festival

Inside Out

Carnegie Museum of Art (2021⁠–⁠2022)

All Posters I’ve made (2016⁠–⁠2024)

Pratt Shows: Fashion Ceremony

Sharif Bey: Excavations

lè Dental

As a Curator and OrganizerArt, Design, Typeface

Radical Return

Teenie Weenie: In Name of Us

Karel Martens: Re-production

Shin Shin: Everything In Its Right Place

José Quintanar: A Dutch Landscape #11

ECAL University of Art and Design: Proof of Concept

Iconography, Storytelling, Myth, Irony, Archive

Somnath Bhatt: Heartbeats of A Cave

Guanyu Xu: Resident Aliens

I think of design as gardening

You who build gardens, don’t make parks or green spaces, make margins. Don’t make leisure and game parks, make places of jouissance, make closures that are openings. Don’t make imaginary objects, make fictions. Don’t make representations, make empty spaces, gaps, make neutrality.

Marin, L. (1992) Lectures traversières, Paris

Exploration Continues
Installations, Textiles, Furniture, Fonts, Printmaking, Websites, Zines 

Silent Garden
Impermanent space
Drifting Fragments
Gazing I
Printmaking (2019⁠–⁠Present)
Prototype I
Lover Chairs
Selected Zines (2016⁠–⁠2024)
Finding Patterns in Time and Place: The Poster Design of Zhongkai Li, Maharam

Teaching, Workshops, Guest Critiques
Teaching (coming soon)